This wasn’t the plan.  Granted, there wasn’t really ‘a plan’ to begin with, but this definitely wasn’t it.

Growing up in Fairfax, VA Adam Lash never dreamed of being a comedian.  A sword wielding fighter of the forces of darkness, yes, and stand up comedian, writer, actor, no.  Though, in hindsight, those two career paths aren’t really that far apart.  In his youth Adam loved watching TV and movies and would always find himself staying up late watching stand up shows on fledgling cable networks (in the time when Comedy Central was two networks, Ha! and The Comedy Channel)  Watching Comic Relief videos from Errol’s video store (it was a real chain before Blockbuster) or Carlin specials on HBO, he was always drawn to the magic that was stand up comedy.

When Adam attended college at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) he found himself lost, not sure what major to have nor career path to take.  It was then that he found the student run television station VTTV, and thus his comedy career was born, though he didn’t know it at the time.  His natural funny side and general presences on camera were quickly noticed and soon Adam found himself on camera as much as his schedule would allow.  Soon, Adam, with the help of a few talented friends,  started his own show called ‘The Weekly Show’ a loving homage to The Daily Show.   Here Adam learned to write his first jokes…they weren’t that good.  But in time he improved.  In fact, he said an extra year in college just to do the show, and get a Poly Sci minor, which was one of the smartest decisions he ever made.

After college Adam applied to The Daily Show for an internship, and by some grace of the comedy gods, was accepted.  Meeting his heroes, learning how award winning comedy is made was a huge opportunity.  In fact, Adam was on the Daily Show his first day there.  And while everything he learned and everyone he met was awesome, the greatest thing that happened in his time there was being pushed into doing stand up comedy.  In fact, in a random occurrence right before the show started taping Adam was asked a question by Jon himself in front of the whole studio audience.  His answer not only made Jon laugh, but the entire audience and staff on the floor.   The staff at the show took a shine to Adam and recognized his latent talent, at their behest (more like threats of never talking again if he didn’t get on stage) Adam got on stage and started telling jokes.

Years later he’s still at it. Adam’s been on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central, HBO,  some how Fox News (still scratching his head about that one), was apart of the New York Comedy Festival, and worked for National Lapoons. He’s also wrote, produced, and starred in a hit web series Blood Light, and created, writes, and currently stars in Gigahoes.  Adam also co-produces and co-hosts The Movie Preview Review Podcast with amazing comedian Kevin Bartini. He also help Bartini in the effort to rename the street George Carlin grew up on to George Carlin Way. And if that wasn’t enough Adam wrote a book, which he turned into a blog called Advice I’ll Never Give My Future Son, and he’s currently working on the sequel ‘Advice I’ll Absolutely Never Give My Future Daughter’. And Adam does the warm up for a few off-Broadway musicals (Showgirls the Musical, and currently Bayside the Musical).

Adam has played at all the major clubs in New York City, as well as his home town Washington DC, not to mention colleges up and down the east coast.  His quick style paired with his smart and witty humor will leave you laughing.  Find out what thousands already know, Adam Lash is amazing!